Why should you buy this guide to Orlando Heritage

Why should you buy this guide to Orlando Heritage
Why should you buy this guide to Orlando Heritage

Why should you buy this guide to Orlando Heritage?


Cedric has long been a critic of the lack of economic transformation in South Africa, the western capitalist in control of the wealth, and although we all believe that change should take place, we are not finding a speedy solution.

Then, when through Passport to Soweto and the Ubuntu Food Chain, we believe that we have found, what will be the start of the solution, our initial invitation to participate, lacks the punch that the invitation should carry to our invited partners, it avoids the conflict area that we, as a country face.

Passport to Soweto will leave the media, local radio and TV stations, to carry the details of these conflicts, suffice to say that we are drifting further apart, and this drifting apart, is not solely a Black & White issue, it resides in our differences around the economy of the country, who owns it, and who has access to it. The present conflict involving the deaths in KwaZulu-Natal, stimulated by the politicians, fighting for positions that bring them access to the distribution of wealth, can be felt in interactions taking place, in both the suburbs and the Townships.

Ubuntu, is the buzz word that tells the world that South Africa is a sharing and caring nation. If we were a sharing and caring nation, the present political conflict would not be taking place, the call for radical economical policy changes would not be heard, the call for land appropriation without compensation would not take place, the call for nationalising the mines and the banks would not be taking place.

No developing country can be a ‘sharing’ country, while, in business and government, it is every man for himself, the struggle for economic freedom, is a struggle by the individual for the individual, price collusion and tender fraud the norm, where personal enrichment, in accepted.

The sharing that should take place, should not be limited to a charity.

Charity is not sharing, in some circles, it seen as repairing some of the damage done during the past, in other circles, it seen as part of the mechanism to control the poverty groups, making them believe that they should quietly wait, till a job is created for them, till a food parcel reaches them.

Our Heritage Value Sites, form the nucleus of the Orlando East Township Economic Development, where the community have accepted the responsibility, to develop the entire community, under the banner of the Ubuntu For Chain, starting with the Tourism sector, allowing both South African and International visitors, to become partners who would be proud of their contribution.

Off the basis of Walter Sisulu, as the ‘central magnet’ that binds the Heritage Value Sites, the hidden heritage, James Sofasonke Mpanza, Nelson Mandela’s first wife, Evelyn’s family, the other Mandela House, the Mdingi family, direct descendants of Chief Hintsa, June 16, 1976 student participants, young 1959 PAC veterans, from Boy Scout to Freedom Fighter in a few short years, sentenced to Robben Island, John for 7 years, Victor for 20 years, both on Robben Island before Nelson Mandala arrived, a teacher teaching ‘Geskidenis’ (history in Afrikaans) in 1956, her life in exile, or others, just life in Soweto, bringing our life and history alive, your Passport to Soweto, will unite our Heritage Values.

These Heritage Value Site families, invite you to visit them at home, prepared with the introduction they have provided through the Passport to Soweto, allowing interacting with one another, in exchange for your R 30, while allowing them to learn and develop, from your heritage.

This interaction, will bring our Country great benefits, and the Heritage Value Site families, say a ‘big thanks’ to you, who have shown them respect, and joined them in pioneering the transfer of a piece of our economy, into the hands of the black still disadvantaged community.


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