Steve Hofmeyer invitation to lead Greater Trek

Steve Hofmeyer invitation to lead Greater Trek, lead your white brothers and sisters, as you embark on the most important trek, that our whites have embarked on, since 1835 to 1846.

I am a critic of the 1994 transformation message that our leaders gave the white;

“White man, Apartheid is dead, get on with your lives. All we ask is for you to tolerate the blacks in your spaces, your restaurants, your sports clubs, your churches, your schools, they also belong.”

This message I believe, is aimed at ensuring that the coloniser ‘divide and rule’ policy, keeps us apart.

Our leaders message to the white people, in my opinion, should have been;

“White man, Apartheid is dead, go into the black communities, and have a look at the damage that has been done to our country, try and help us repair the damage.”

Every International visitor to the Townships, will be greeted with; “Hello, where are you from?” ¬†Whether the answer is Italy of France, the local will respond with their knowledge of their country, particularly the their local soccer team.

Imagine what would happen if your Trek group was moving through Orlando East with me, and you answered their question with “We are from Pretoria.”

You would be celebrated in Orlando East for years to come, and as the news of your successful trek filtered into the suburban communities, so the wave of trekkers will follow.

Please read the attached pdf,  Attention Social Groups;

Passport to Soweto your guide to Soweto
Passport to Soweto your guide to Soweto

Should you wish me to address a group of your followers, please do not hesitate to contact us;


Cedric and Nettie de la Harpe

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