Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion, the concept that the Government and Corporate world has spent millions on, in an effort to bring the various heritage groups together.

Twenty-three years into our New Democracy, has South Africa succeeded?

Cedric’s ‘Kaalvoet Theory’ defines Social Cohesion as follows:

“SOCIAL COHESION”: a group is said to be in a state of cohesion when its members, possess bonds, linking them to one another, and to the group as a whole. 

Hidden in this definition, penned in 2014, following ten years of regular interaction and participation in the Townships and Rural Villages for ten years, was an acknowledgement that, Cedric was unsure as to whether he had achieved ‘Social Cohesion’, with other groups.

Thanks to ‘Passport to Soweto’, designed as a Township Economic Development ‘through tourism’ partnership, Cedric, a seventy year-old white, during the sharing of mutual heritage, all his good, all his bad, discovers what he describes as ‘Heritage Value’, bringing an excitement to both parties, a bond of brotherhood, as Passport to Soweto, is the basis off which the Heritage Value Sites, and their neighbours will contribute, in return for a R 30 per person contribution, the bond that brings ‘Social Cohesion’ is in place, a bond that will develop Township Economy, through experiencing the magic of Africa, while sharing their mutual heritage, all the good, and all the bad, we will laugh, we will tingle, and a few tears will be shed, we will achieve ‘brotherhood’ the level above ‘Social Cohesion’.


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