Passport to Kliptown

This page, Passport to Kliptown , is the covering page that will link you to history that is not covered in the standard tourist information provided, and extends beyond the provisions of the Passport to Soweto, but will allow you to visit this area, using the Rea Vaya transport system, and local taxi.

Passport to Kliptown
Passport to Kliptown

1:   KLIPTOWN:   the old section, including Tamatievlei and Mandela Square: ***

2:   SUN VALLEY: *

3:    NANCEFIELD HOSTEL, previous migrant mens hostel, our favourite lunch venue: ***

The star grading ** is the level of difficulty attached to these sites, with Passport to Soweto, rated at *.

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Optional Passport to Kliptown Guided Visit:

For the visitor who wishes the optional extra of a Taste of Africa guide, who will give you the ‘extra’, please visit our store, and purchase the magic support, the cost of R 300 per person, includes the guide and the community site contributions.

Should you have any further personal interests, please contact us.

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