Heritage Value

Passport to Soweto
Passport to Soweto

Heritage Value:      

The values embodied in cultural heritage are identified in order to assess significance, prioritise resources, and inform conservation decision-making. It is recognised that values may compete and change over time, and that heritage may have different meanings for different stakeholders.

We live our lives, in a world where the academic, the politician, ‘identifies’ the values embodied in our cultural heritage.  Based on their identified values, our lives and our future is  decided.

We all have our own personal heritage values, both good and bad, Cedric comes with the Apartheid negative heritage value baggage, and he has some very positive heritage values.

The motivation for the Passport to Soweto, fades into insignificance, when he comes face to face with two of the 1959 youth that joined the PAC, for the first time he understands why the Apartheid system feared the PAC, the struggle was no longer driven by the academic, it was now the children who had developed their own desire for restoring their dignity, and achieving their freedom.

John, sentenced to 3 years for the March 1960 anti-pass protest, then 7 years to Robben Island. Victor, sentenced to Robben Island, for twenty years in 1963, serves every day of the twenty years.

The ‘one settler, one bullet’ group, interacts with the white who had sons in military service, ‘patrolling’ the Township.

This sharing of our individual heritage values, brings a brotherhood that normally takes years to achieve.


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